Book Now!

How to book Mermaid Echo:

  1.  Pick a date & place

    1. Mermaid Echo is currently booking weekends between for public events only until April 2018. Echo will begin accepting private bookings in April 2018 for the summer season (June-August).
      • What’s a private booking?
        • Birthday Party
        • Wedding
        • Other events that require an invitation
      • What’s a public booking?
        • Partnership for marketing a business
        • Public meet and greet
        • Festival
        • Other events that are open to the general public
    2. We serve this 35 mile radius. If your party will be just outside this area, let Echo know and she will look into accommodating you.
    3. Decide on a location. Hosts can choose between their private home or pool, Troy Beach on the St. Croix River, or to rent a YMCA or hotel pool. Click here for more information.
    4. If possible, please try to book 2 weeks in advance to allow for sufficient planning time.
  2. Pick your package

    1. Here’s the fun part! Select one of Echo’s party packages!
    2. Look into Mermaid Echo’s add-on options. Click here for more information.
  3. Email Echo

    1. To book Mermaid Echo, or to ask questions, email
    2. Be sure to tell us:
      1. Which package you’re interested in
      2. Which add-ons you’re interested in (if any)
      3. What venue type you prefer (more information here).

Still not sure?

That’s okay, email Echo anyway! She is happy to answer any questions, and if now is not the time for a mermaid party, don’t worry! Your questions help Mermaid Echo learn what she can do better.