Basic Dolphin Package

$150, 10 guests

  • You get:
    • 1.5 hours of mermaid entertainment
    • A Mermaid Echo picture postcard for each guest
    • Treasures from Mermaid Echo’s treasure chest
  • Swimming option:
    • Swim with Mermaid Echo while she entertains guests with games, teaches tricks, gives mermaid rides, and encourages imaginative playtime!
    • During the last 15 minutes, enjoy photo ops and complimentary mermaid treasure distributed to each guest from Mermaid Echo’s treasure chest!


Choose any of the following to add to your Mermaid Echo experience!

Please note:

  • Package prices do not include potential pool/venue rental fees. Every host has the option to choose between:
    • Private home or pool (limitations may apply based on pool size)
    • Renting a pool/venue
    • Troy Beach on the St. Croix River
    • Other beaches must be approved
  • Click here for more information on venue rentals

Let’s Book!

Mermaid Echo Entertainment is accepting bookings on weekends from June 9th – August 26th. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance, $20 late fees apply.

  1. Pick a time and place

  2. Add on

  3. Email Echo

    • Send us an email that includes:
      1. The date and venue of your requested booking (have you looked at our approved venue list?)
      2. Which add-ons you’re interested in (if any).
      3. If it’s a birthday, the first name and age of the child.